How To Add a Search Box to Blogger Blog

Adding a search box to blogger cannot be simpler than this: Blogger had a developed a Search Box Gadget which was earlier available only in Blogger In Draft but it has now been released in Blogger. Now you can add a search box in minutes and the results will be displayed inline in the blog.

Here’s a preview:

Search Box for Blogger
Search Box Preview

Search Results in Blogger
Search Results Preview

You can add the search Box by following these simple steps:

1. Go to Layout>Page Elements and then click on Add Gadget

Sidebar Add Gadget
2. Then click on the Search Box Gadget

Search Box Gadget For Blogger
Search Box Gadget

3. Customize the Search Box

You can customize the search box to show results from your blog, the websites you’ve linked in your blog posts.

Plus you can also display results from blog and link lists on your blog.

Customizing the Search Box

4. Save the Gadget and you will see a great search box on your site!
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