Backing Up your Blogger Posts and Comments

Backup Blogger Posts and Comments
One day you are editing your previous post and you unintentionally pressed the delete button. Now what? You lost your content and there is no way to retrieve it, but what if you had a backup of all the posts and comments? Then you have nothing to worry. Even if you lose any data, you can always retrieve it from the backup.

Now the question is, how does one backup the blogger posts and comments?
Here is how:

1. Login to your Account.

Export and Import Blogger Blogs

2. Go to the settings and then click on Export Blog and then on Download Blog.
3. After downloading the file, make a new blog(This is where the posts will be dumped).
4. Then Go to the settings of the new blog.
5. Click on Import Blog and upload the previously downloaded file.
6. Also change the option to Add your blog to our listings? and Let search engines find your blog? to No. This is done so as to make the backup blog unsearchable, else this content would be considered as a copy of the original blog and hence will decrease the page rank of your original blog.

Note: You can also use the .xml file downloaded as it is if you don’t want to backup it in a blogger blog.

  • Ninah

    I've never backed up my blogger blog but then maybe I should. I live in dread of losing it one day for one reason or another.

  • gautam

    So u should do it 🙂

  • Not John Chow

    I use a backup plugin for my wordpress blogs like

    You can have it set up to email you a compressed back up file on a regular schedule. Some blogs I have email a file every day others once a month.

  • Gilberto Galea

    Great suggestion, just yesterday my blog suffer a malware javascript injection. Just restore my backup and my blog is ready again!,
    There're great tools for wordpress, but I don't know if exist for blogger.

  • gautam

    @Gilberto Galea: it exists for blogger and it is a really easy. Ya i think it helps a lot if u backup and u have experienced it recently

  • thank god! 😀 now i can backup my blogger account…

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good blog.