Analytics for Blogger Blogs

Earlier i had posted about suggesting blogger and also the top ten ideas. What came out of these suggestions was that there was a need for analytics for blogger blogs. Requirement for page counts and detailed analytics per post.

Blogger has replied to this request and started analytics for blogger. This feature is in beta stage and is not available to every user. For those who have access to this feature might see a new link to Stats next to the Monetize link in the Blogger Dashboard.

Stats link in Blogger

The Stats shows stats specific to your blog. What it brings to you is a whole lot of data which you can analyze and use it to improve your blog in some way. It is equivalent to saying that all your google analytics are shifted to your blogger dashboard.

Stats Overview For Blogger
Stats Overview

The Stats Overview diaplays the overall stats of the blog:

Visitors: Displays the number of visitors that visited your blog in the specified time

Links: It shows the number of links that referred to your blog.

Searches : Shows the number of searches done to find your blog.

Posts: Shows the number of posts which atleast one visit in the specified time interval.

Popular Posts: This is a feature is which is quite cool because it displays the posts in decreasing order of their visits.

Countries: Displays a visual map of the globe and shows from where various visitors have come from.

This is just an overview, you get detailed stats as well.

In the detailed analysis you can get information about the web browsers, computer platform used by your visitors and many more stats.

What is needed now is the way to add stats like page count on the web pages as well.

Here are some snapshots:

Visitor Stats

Search Statistics for bloggerSearch Stats

Location Statistics for BloggerCountries Stats

Links Statistics for bloggerLink Stats

Posts Stats for BloggerPosts Stats

What do you think of this feature?

  • prana

    good info, keep post. 🙂

  • iWrite2Know

    That's great info. I guess with the new stats link on the blogger dashboard, it would be easy to track visitors. It would also help us to improve our blogs accordingly. The keywords used for searching to get into our blogs will help us in writing SEO rich articles.

  • gautam

    @iWrite2Know: This will make it easier to access analytics and is a great tool to find which posts are popular and what search engine traffic you are getting.

  • Nymphont

    I don't have this tab, ios there a way that I acn request it from blogger? I really want to try this feature!

  • gautam

    I think lauren it is a feature only released for some people. I think they will release it for everybody after some time. So you have to wait for it.

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  • Brandon Titus

    Nice, it looks like they're re-releasing MeasureMap for Blogger users! This is awesome since I still think MeasureMap was a far superior product to Google Analytics when it comes to blogging.

  • dennisyu


    Great post– if only we could get the regular Google Analytics on our blogger sites, instead of this one that's prettied up.

  • work at home

    Hi gautam although I am using blogger blog, But till now I am not aware about this feature. I do not see this feature on my blogger dashboard. So what I have to do to see on my blogger dashboard?

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  • gautam

    Wait because this feature will be released for all blogger users after some time.

  • work at home

    Thank you Gautam. Well do you have information on google PR update. are they updating PR?

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  • gautam

    I donno they may not be updating page ranks as i see all posts having the same static page rank

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  • thanks for this valuable information.
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