Add Blogger Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

Nobody can deny that Google is the best search engine. As google is used by most users so it is a great way to get new visitors to your blog.
Adding your site to google webmaster tools increases your blog’s visibility in search engines which means more traffic.

Here’s how you can add your blog to google webmaster:

1. Verification:

You can verify blogger blogs by adding a meta tag to your blog. But you can verify your blog without any coding. Just sign in to your blogger account and then in the bottom of your dashboard you will see a link to google webmaster tools as can be seen in the following image:

Verify Your Blog
This will verify all of your blogs on account. You can always delete the blogs you don’t want to add to google webmaster tools.

2. Add Sitemap

Sitemap is simply like a map of pages in a blog. It lists all the URLs for a site along with their metadata. It is any easy way to inform search engines about pages in your sites. This can be used for other search engines like yahoo and bing as well.

Login in to your Google Webmasters account, then click on Sitemaps

Submit blogger sitemap to google

Add the following code in the box as shown in the image:


You can replace 100 in the code if you have more than 100 posts. Replace it by any value which is much greater than your total number of posts. So if you have 200 posts then you replace 100 by 500.

Click on submit sitemap and it’s done.

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    Wouldn't work for me. Is it IE specific? I use Firefox.

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    No it is not browser specific, try again, it should work

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