Google Pagerank Updated, What’s Yours?

Google pagerank has been updated and my blog has got a pagerank of 1. Google Pagerank is based on the number of the number of sites linking to your website and also the number of pages indexed. The page rank shows the importance of a site and if a site has a higher page rank, it has more chances to be ranked higher in a google search.
For more information about page rank:
Google information about pagerank

The Pagerank Wiki Page

Though a pagerank of 1 is very small page rank but it is just a start for me and hope to increase it by posting regularly and through seo.

If you want to see the pagerank of a particular site
visit prchecker or you can install the firefox plugin (which also shows the alexa,compete and dmoz ranks)

What page rank have you got? tell me!

  • Tycoon Blogger

    I stayed the same but I guess I can not complain as my blog is pr 3. Pr 1 is a good start and i am sure you will get bumped up soon.

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    Sometimes I respond to comments, but this year it really hasn’t been very often, but I do try and go to their blog and comment on one of their posts. I very seldom check to see if anyone has responded to any comment I make.

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    SEO Status of this blog:

    1) Google PR #2
    2) Alexa Ranking: 160,082
    3) Backlinks: 5000+
    4) Daily Unique Visits: 250 – 350
    5) Daily Pageviews: 1000+

  • Michael Aulia

    Congrats on the first number 😀 The first feeling is always the best feeling. Keep building quality backlinks and you should reap the rewards 🙂

  • gautam

    @Michael Aulia: Thnx 🙂

  • Lauren

    Wanna know my pagerank ? … 5!

  • gautam

    @lauren: that's great i have got a pr of 2 and its static, i hope i get a better one after some time

  • Lauren

    Hey well when you wrote this post it was 1, it's advancement to 2 was really quick + this is a great and popular site I am sure that it wont remain static for a while. (Besides a pagerank of 2 is still pretty darn good!)

    My site had a 5 when my site was only a few months old even, but mainly I think thats because the keywords are so specific and targeted (i e fonts, type, design, typography) plus the additional unique keyword that is directly associated with my site and no other site in existence "nymphont." That really was an unforeseen advantage for me.

  • gautam

    @Lauren: I think you got a high pagerank because of your fonts and design work. And creation is always better than news about it i.e i just collect info created by others.

    I agree i got a page rank 2 but now it has become static let's wait for some time then. I hope it increases to 3 atleast.

  • Sirdydimus

    I have several blogs on blogger. Some of them are more established than others. None of them had a google page rank. I recently verified with google webmaster tools. Should this have an effect.

  • gautam

    Effect on what exactly, you have to wait to gain a page rank 🙂 key to build it is via backlinks by authority websites