Blogger ideas

I wrote about suggesting blogger in my earlier post. Blogger wanted to hear from us and wanted us to suggest new ideas for blogger.
The voting is over and users have given their feedback by either submitting an idea or voting for an idea they liked.

A total of 2,852 people have submitted 1,949 ideas and have cast 71,458 votes.

That’s a large number!. But still small compared to the number of people using blogger.

These were top 10 ideas for New Features which were voted the most:

  1. Blogger’s commenting system needs to improve. Something like threaded commenting with the ability to rank comments would be nice; also Gravatar support and a link to the last post by the blogger submitting the comment
  2. WordPress style pages, so we don’t have to hide “About” or “Contact” “pages” in our blog archive
  3. Read counts for each blog post
  4. To add captions for images
  5. I would like to have more blog templates which are suitable to use on wide screens
  6. WordPress allows their bloggers to create separate pages on their blogs which allows for topic separation. It would be good if Blogger had a similar feature, thanks 🙂
  7. Read more feature , to have the ability to split long posts after certain number of lines or words
  8. Make Content Warning optional. Remove flagged blogs from Blogger’s Listings (Next Blog, etc), instead of forcing a splash page on ‘objectionable’ blogs (ex: nude art blogs). The warning page causes more problems than it solves and limits expression
  9. Allow batch uploads of photos for a blog post, so you can add several at a time, go make coffee and then write all your text, rather than uploading them individually
  10. Allow blocking comments from a certain Blogger user or profile. i.e. Black List comments from a profile

I personally liked ideas 2,3 and 4.

Which one did you like? Tell me

  • kirk

    Damn I wish i'd known about this vote.. I would have said multiple photo uploads… glad to see that made the cut. otherwise i'm fairly happy with blogger.

  • gautam

    I too want batch uploads of images. that would make it simple to do roundups.