Top Droppers Entrecard Widget in Blogger

Top Entrecard Droppers Widget
Top Entrecard Droppers Widget

Bloggers show their love by showing links of their top entrecard droppers. You can too have your widget by following some easy steps:

1. Login to your Entrecard account.

2. Then click on the Statistics as shown below:

Entrecard Statistics

3. Then you will see a text Top Entrecard Droppers and you will see a feed icon just next to it. Copy the link of the feed.

Top Entrecard Droppers Feed

The link would be something like this:

xxxxxx is the unique code of your blog.

4. Copy this link and then Go to Layout>Page Elements
5. Then click on Add Gadget

Sidebar Add Gadget

6.Then click on the Feed Gadget

Add feed GadgetAdd Feed

7. Add the link in the Feed url as shown below:
After these steps the Top Droppers Widget will run successfully on your blogger blog.
If you have any problem post a comment on this post.
  • klivengood

    I just want to ask how to transfer my cashout balance to my paypal account. i sent ticket already to EC but no reply until now. Wish you can help. Thanks for this info about top dropper EC widget anyway. if i will make it successfully, i will post this and i'll give your link as well.

  • gautam

    You will receive money after some time for info on cashout check this thread

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.