Particpate in Making Blogger Better

According to blogger “some of the best insight into Blogger comes from you guys, the millions of users who use it every day”. And that is why they are asking for your product ideas which can help improve blogger blogs.

This is a great platform for all the bloggers to choose features that they want on blogger as well suggest gadgets and blogs of note.
You can vote for feature suggestions, gadget recommendations, and even Blogs of Note! at Product Ideas site. In my opinion the most needed feature is the page view count of each blog post as well as other statistics related to it. You might like to see my ideas by visiting here.
So hurry only 1 week left. Participate!
Tell Me what do you suggest?

  • Ira

    I want to be able to list the titles of blog entries. In this way, readers can firstly browse the list, and then choose the titles to their interests to read the posts. Currently readers can only click the two buttons "newer post" and "older posts" to go through all the posts. That is fairly inconvenience.

    Many other blog sites provide such feature, wonder why lacks this feature?

  • gautam

    ya blogger lacks a lot of features but u have to admit that it gives free hosting services and plus it is improving day by day 🙂

  • shashank

    I wish the first page that blogger show was different for the rest, like in wordpress. SO that we can customize it and make our site to load faster.

  • work at home

    I have visited the idea. There are so many requirement on blogger blog. We do not get so many plug in on the blogger blog like wordpress blog.

    Recent blog:=- New announcement on google work at home affiliate network

  • gautam

    But now u get gadgets which quite similar to plugins and is the feature for bloggers which will prove to be very useful