Random Posts Blogger Widget

I have developed a Random Posts widget for Blogger Blogs. Random posts widget displays random links of your blog. This help show content that is neither recent nor popular (because it is random :)). The widget displays links in form of link lists. So you change the layout by changing the css of your blogger template.

Here is an example of the widget:

Random Posts Blogger Widget

Installing this widget in your own Blogger blog is very easy:

1. Change the title of the widget if you want.
2. Change the number of posts links you want to display.
3. Click the “Customize” button to make the changes take effect, then click on the “Add to Blog” button.


As per janet’s request i have include an option to add a post summary to the random posts widget.


Random Posts Blogger Widget With Summary

1. Change the title of the widget if you want.
2. Change the number of posts links you want to display.
3. Change the number of words you want to include in the summary to display.
3. Click the “Customize” button to make the changes take effect, then click on the “Add to Blog” button.

Facing a Problem? Tell me!!

  • Janet

    Thanks !! I might try this on my blog. I’m currently using the LinkWithin to show related posts, but my posts are typically short so they might look crowded. This might be a good alternative.

  • Janet

    I installed it on my blog and it’s working beautifully !!

  • bloggodown.com

    Ya i will posts more widgets like these in future 🙂

  • Janet

    Wonderful addition by adding the post summary !! I’ve installed this one on my blog, too.

  • turisuna

    It’s nice, I will try it in my new blog, for now I have used the related post widget, thanks for sharing.

  • amrit

    Please fix it doesn’t work now thanks in advance

  • Amritp

    I am sorry it works thank you but generate links only sometime not always. Thanks you

  • bloggodown.com

    It will work always. check again and tell me.

  • P2PDesi.Com

    Sorry but i am still having problems can you please check what i am doing wrong.
    My site url thank

  • ihsan

    Hi.. This widget is really great.

    BUT. Does it include thumbnail image in summary post? if not, Can You Add this?

    The Thumbnail image in summary post.

    Thanks You. I’ll be coming next.

  • ihsan

    Oh, i forgot something.

    How to change this widget? example font, font size and other.

    Thanks 🙂

  • bloggodown.com

    @ihsan: the font and font size is same as that of the “li” or the list . you can edit the template and can change the font accordingly

    @P2pdesi.com: what problem are you having? The widget works almost every time.

  • Ihsan

    @gautam: Thanks.
    But can you make the other script Random post with Thumbnail Image and post summary? like recent post with thumbnail image. I see recent post with thumbnail image in bloggertricks. Please 🙂

    • It is surely possible. Just few tweeks to be done. I think these guys can do it faster. I have seen the codes. probably few tweeks can do it. And by the way this blog godown is 2 good in a sense of comments, views and widgets
      .-= manoz´s last blog ..Har Raat Sapanima: Deep Shrestha *must see* =-.

      • good thing is that i have done the random post with thumbnails in my blog.
        .-= manoz´s last blog ..Gai Jatra Sanskrit =-.

        • Oh man, I’d love to be able to put the widget with thumbnails. Please let us know how you did…would you?

  • Ihsan

    I’ve used this widget into my blog. This is great. Thanks so much.

    But the problem comes when i open my blog with IE and Go0ogle Chrome. This widget doesn’t work with them. But It works so well when i used firefox and opera.

    Maybe you can fix it.

    Thanks Blog go down

  • gautam

    @ihsan i have checked on ie and google chrome, it works fine on it but if it still doesn’t work, put your blog link here and i will see what problem is in the widget. But it is working fine on my blog.

  • Albanicus

    Thanks buddy. Its a great widget. Cheers


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I've tried to add this to my blog but the link and the summary appear in the same color making it difficult to figure out which is the clickable link. And also the link doesn't appear in the bulleted format like in the preview. What can I do to solve this? Thanks.

  • gautam

    @Ananonymous: you have to change your template to change the look of the widget.

  • ferome

    great widget…but i have a problem…the 'circles' are not showed

  • gautam

    @ferome: the circles are displayed because of the template. To change the icon you have to edit the li tag in the template

  • Cebong Ipiet

    waiting for random post with image and summary, will be great for featured post 😉
    great work

  • Ratty

    I just discovered your random posts widget. I've been looking for something like this for awhile now. I agree with some of the others here. If you can enhance it so an image from the post can be included I can almost guarantee dozens of my readers will also use it. Several of them have asked me about something like that already because I do something like it manually now. I will also feature it in a post just to let them know about it.

  • Virgilio Freire

    I tried it and I allways get only one post… pls help. MY link is



  • gautam

    @Virgilio Freire : it is working and i've tested it on my blog before. tell me what settings have you made?

  • ā¤•ā¤žā¤ļā¤ŋāĨž ā¤†ā¤°ā¤ŋāĨž/Kashif Arif

    how can I add this widget below my post??

    & can you tell me how can i add these "digg it" & "tweet it" icon on post where they show the counting just like you…

    answer me


  • gautam

    @Kashif Arif: you can add it below the post by copying the code and pasting it below post.body in your template

    For the Retweet Button check out my post: How to add Retweet button to blogger

  • Nymphont

    Yes, this is an excellent widget, I might use it myself! You have some really great stuff for bloggers, thank you so much!

  • hilkoo

    Is there a way of only using posts from say the last month?

    check here, ive customized it nicely on my site: http://www.hilkoo.com

  • Iklan Baris Gratis Online

    Thanks, I'll try it

  • gautam

    @nymphont: glad u liked it 🙂
    @hikoo: it is possible if u change the number of max posts to say 25 then it will randomize the latest ones.

  • Recep Hilmi Tufan

    Hi from Turkey.

    Can we put this widget under the posts like related posts widget? I wanna put both related posts and random posts under the posts. Is it possible? If it is, how?

  • gautam

    @Recep Hilmi Tufan: Copy the code and convert the code using Ad Code Converter For Blogger and then post it below <post.body>. This might help you.

  • popo


  • After add this random posts widget my blog significantly slow down when loading.is it possible to speen it by changing max posts to lower value.

  • Wow ! Its a great widget.I will put this up on my blog soon

  • There is a embeded option available in my themes ..
    Nice widget
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline´s last blog ..Tips to Boost Pagerank – Next PR update March-April 2010 =-.

  • I have used this widget, it’s wonderful, but how to hide or filter some posts? Is it allow to customize?
    Anyway Thanks.
    .-= Yuda´s last blog ..Pencurian Bandwidth =-.

  • Its Great… Thank You….
    .-= FaiK´s last blog ..Book " Tetralogi Twilight" =-.

  • hi,

    i am looking for random posts with thumnai for my blogg http://pmodels.blogspot.com
    .-= king´s last blog ..Deepika Padukone at Cannes Film Festival =-.

  • Hi, I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t seem to find a random posts widget that works the way I want it to.

    What I want it to do is only show posts with a certain label and only show one post at a time with the image and a text excerpt included. Is this possible?

  • I also looking for random posts with thumbnails…

  • somehow couldn’t find the install code 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for sharing. How can I add Random Posts widget to my blogspot? I couldn’t find it.

    • There was a problem with google sites. I have fixed the problem. You will now see the installers for random posts plugin

  • Excellent widget. It’s working great!

    How can I change it from saying the name of the episode to just “Random Post” on the link.

  • Thanks for the sharing but I don’t how to install it you haven’t provided any link or script then how I can install it.

    Latest Technology Computer IT News Sharing PCWorld,

    • Ashok, there was some problem with code. I have fixed it. It will now show up on this page. T

  • Gon

    thanks for sharing. Very usefull widget.

  • Thx u very match, that is very useful

  • Wil

    THanks for this widget. I have added it to my blog. Do you take requests? How about a Most Commented Posts widget? =D I haven’t found one that works. bloggerstop has one, but it wasn’t accurate for my blog for some reason.

  • HM

    Great coding, thanks. Yet, as Sameera (see post #34) stated it makes my Blogger blog (w/ 160+ posts) significantly slower, even with a single random post (maxposts=1). Any advice?

  • sim

    frm where can i download it..i have been looking for this..

  • Thanks for this, using it right now and it looks perfectly fine.

  • Helpful and need more information on blogs.Thanks:)