How to speed up your blog

Why is your site slow?

Major reason behind the site being slow is the page size. Obviously, if your site contains large chunks of data, it will take finite time to load each and every part of it. I have seen many amateur bloggers adding pictures, videos and gadgets in large numbers. They think they are adding content to their site but what they are actually doing is creating a garbage area where they are dumping all the junk.Ya but

How To speed your Blog:
1. You have to decrease the size your CSS. CSS(Cascade Style Sheets) defines the style of the blog and is loaded every time the blog is loaded. So if your CSS is large then it will naturally slow down your site. And you know all the blank spaces in the increase the size of the style sheet. You can compress your css by uploading your css at free web-based CSS Compressor.

Compress Your CSS

For blogger blogs the CSS code is between the b:skin tags in your template as shown below:

Your Blog CSS code

You have to copy this code into insert CSS and choose compression mode as normal and don’t strip any comments

2. Using smaller images will decrease the size of the page. Host your images at a good host site which has the maximum uptime(the time the content is available). You should upload images to picasa or because these are hosted by google servers and have almost 100% uptime.

3. Use minimum number of hosts to host your content. More hosts means more time to load.

4. To decrease the size of page display lesser number posts in each page, this will reduce the size of the page.

What do you feel? Comment and tell me.

  • busstoped

    Yes this is Very Important and Many forget that the speed your blog loads at can Determine how much you make with your Blog

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  • gautam

    Yes, speed of the blog matters, less speed is a turnoff for blog readers and hence decreases the traffic one gets.

  • Another great tips.thanks.

  • Great tip Guatam,

    My blog seems to be loading faster since I switched to Thesis theme. Do you think that a similar code might already be included in the theme?


  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice view.