Create An Image With Reflection

Today i came across a really good website which has a free tool to convert a normal image to an image with reflection. It is very simple.

What You have To Do?

1. Visit Reflection Maker

You will see a Display as shown below:

Reflection Maker

2. Upload your image either by putting the url of the image or uploading the image from your computer ( maximum size of the image which can be uploaded is 200Kb).

3. You just have to set the size of reflection (0 to 100% of the original) and the background color.

4. Click Generate. Your image is done just download it and use it wherever you want. (Usually looks cool on a header of your blog)


I used the image below:
Image Without Reflection
and the image with reflection looks like this.

Image With Reflection

  • Liane

    I thought you’re going to share a Photoshop trick. Well, that sites sure does makes things easier. Good of you for sharing.


    It is a great tool not a photoshop trick 🙂

  • cat

    be entertained

  • Abu H@fidz

    edun mamen ok good tips

  • gautam

    @Abu H@fidz: glad u liked it :).

  • Suneel

    This tool does simplify the task of working with duplicate layers man. I get so confused with PS. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hehe, I like the fact that this is not quite the Photoshop trick I expected. It is a pretty neat website that if you are in a hurry. Wonder how much of a mission it may have been to code it.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.