Blog On The Go

Blogger Buzz just launched Post On The Go although it was already there for some time in Blogger in draft. This feature helps bloggers to blog on the go and it will work like a charm for those who travel a lot. So with these features one can post content even when one is away from home.

The new Blogger Dashboard would look like this

Mobile and Email Posting In Blogger

Two new features enable blogging on the Go.

1. Mobile Posting

Posts can be sent by mobile phomes through SMS (only available in the US) and MMS.
To add a Mobile Phone either click on the mobile phone icon or go to Settings>Email And Mobile
as shown below:

Blogger Mobile Posting

After adding the mobile device you have to send the claim code,which you can send to BLOGGR(Your-Claim Code e.g 256447 as shown in the figure.) via SMS (or via MMS). After sending this code you will be ready to go.

2. Email Posting

You can activate email posting by clicking on the envelope icon on the dashboard or go to Settings>Email And Mobile

You can post through email by mailing to a special id, you create your own id by adding some text to the SecretWords as shown below:

Email Posting in Blogger