Awesome Rss Feed Icons

I have seen a lot of cool rss feed icons, but some of them caught my attention. Each icon is unique in its own way and still looks pretty. Here is a collection of beautifully designed rss feed icons that i like. I have a googled a lot about it, while i was searching for icons for my blog.

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Fresh, Free and Gorgeous RSS/Feed Icons Set

Smashing Magazine Rss Icon set

A great icon set by It is quite popular among many bloggers because of its gorgeous icons. My favorite is the icon of a man reading a newspaper on a bench.


Feed Me Animals

Feed Me Rss Icon Set

Another great set containing beautiful animal icons with orange and white stripes designed by Mirjami Manninen.


RSS Feed Icon Photoshop Shapes

Rss Shapes Icon set

This icon set has rss icons in various random shapes from shirt to stars.


RSS feed button pack

Rss Feed Button Pack

This icon set made by has pretty good icons. From his blog it seems that he is crazy about rss. All icons are new and unique. Check all the 18 icons.


Free web 2.0 RSS icons

Web 2.0 Rss Icon set

These free rss icons are pretty good. All the icons are with reflection.



Beautiful RSS reader Icon set

I just love this icon. It is a great one. You might want to add this to your site


RSS Icons By sneiffels

Amazing shiny icons by Katrin Wegmann


Beatiful Rss Icon Set 1


Beautiful Rss Icon Set 2


Grunge Rss Feed Icons

Grunge Rss Feed Icon Set
If you like grunge style icons, these icons are for you. It is available in blue, red and green. 128 x 128, 64 x 64 and 32 x 32 px. With one Icon in a floral Style.


Toast Feed Icon

Rss Toast IconA completely unique icon “Rss Toast Icon”.


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