10k+ EC Giveaway

Nintendo Kingdom is holding an 10K + EntreCard Giveaway, a great blog contest. A good time to win those entrecredits after launch of the new CashOut Feature. So you can convert these credits into money or you can use all these credits for advertising in other blogs.

Contest Link:
10K+ EntreCard Giveaway

Deadline: 5th May, 2009

Grand Prize : 6K EC
1st Prize : 4K EC
2nd Prize : 1K EC

How To Enter:

  • A quality comment on any post at Nintendo Kingdom. The blog comments are ‘Do Follow’ so you get a free link (1 Entry per comment).
  • Subscribe to the blog via the “Main Entries RSS” link on the side (2 Entries)
  • Digg a post (1 Entry per Digg)
  • Write a blog post advertising this contest with a link to this blog post. You are welcome to directly copy any or all of this post. It must include the link to the sponsors (5 entries + 5 bonus entries if links are Do-Follow).
  • Write a blog post in response to any post at Nintendo Kingdom. It must include a link back to the post here (5 entries).


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