Embedded Comment Form Below Blogger Post

Blogger has recently added the embedded comment form which is placed below the blogger post.

I have added to the idea posted by tandtu-blog

To add this form to your Blogger blog

First go to Settings>Comments and then check the radiobutton as shown in the figure.

Embedded Comment Form Below Blog Post

After Checking this button you will see a form below your blog post but if you have installed a custom template then you may not see a form.

To Include the form:

1. Go To Layout>Edit Html
2. Save your template so that you do not lose any data.
3. Check the Expand Widgets Template on your checkbox.

Then search for this line in the template

<b:include data=’post’ name=’comments’/>

Replace it with this code

Then search for this line in the template

<b:include data=’post’ name=’comment-form’/>

After this you will see the embedded Comment Form but another problem can occur you may not see the comments below the post

To remove this bug

Search for this line

<b:includable id=’comments’ var=’post’>

Then select the text just below which will look something like this

<div class=’comments’ id=’comments’>
<a name=’comments’/> ….

copy all this part of code till you encounter the first


and then paste this code just below where you find this code

<b:includable id=’comment-form’ var=’post’>

4. Save Template

This trick should solve most of the problems associated with embedded comment forms

  • I tried fixing the problem in my blog with the technique you suggested but after following your tips, my blog posts completely vanished. Please suggest a technique for my blog!!!

    • Mukund, now blogger comes up with a default embedded comment form. go to your settings and change it. I think it will work for you

      • I tried it buddy!!! But, still I have a problem. My readers are not able to comment properly. Any idea???

  • What I looking for is how to redirect my readers that make a comment to be redirected to a thank you page, just like you do here, please how can I do that?

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    Your view is nice and attractive.

  • Good and useful information.Keep it up!